photosho2022-04-09 08:56:49
photosho, 2022-04-09 08:56:49

How to turn off the Internet for all programs except certain ones?

You need to turn off the Internet for all programs except for a specific list. I set up a rule in the firewall to turn off the Internet for all programs and then a rule for the program for which the Internet should work. It still doesn't work. Why?

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Eugene, 2022-04-09

There is a NetLimiter program.
You can do something similar there

hint000, 2022-04-09

Because the rules work in order until one works.
First, you blocked traffic for everyone, and then ... then it doesn’t matter anymore, it simply doesn’t reach the next rule, because traffic is already blocked.
Swap these rules around. First you need to allow programs from the list, and then block everyone else (that is, everyone for whom the previous rule did not work, that is, everyone who is not on the list).

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AlexVWill, 2022-04-09

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Drno, 2022-04-09


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