DeusModus2011-06-08 11:07:23
DeusModus, 2011-06-08 11:07:23

Anyone want to write 8bit style music for a free project?

For half a year now I have been nurturing the idea of ​​​​creating a platformer, and now I finally endured it. There is a programmer, there is a designer, there are testers. The goal of the project is to gain experience, a line in the portfolio and fun, that is, monetization is not planned.
Perhaps someone on Habrahabr would also like to participate in the creation of the game, leave their mark, so to speak?
Need someone to write some background tracks and 8bit style voice acting. The landmark is the great VVVVVV (the link leads to the video with the main theme).
From myself I promise - your contact details in the credits, your data on the game website and 30% of advertising in android.market, apple store (still under discussion) and other sites.

PS: if you don't have an account on Habré, write - maximebaldin [dog] gmail.com

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d4rkr00t, 2011-06-08

Will respond :) I want to try to write music, especially 8-bit. You can listen to my work soundcloud.com/s7at1c
True, I have no experience with 8-bit :)

VeryWell, 2011-06-08

You can go around. If no one answers, try looking for 8-bit music generators.

DeusModus, 2011-06-08

As a result:
Three people offered to write music (they all have great tracks), two people offered to use their old work.
Thank you! Very surprised.

ValdikSS, 2011-06-08

I can advise Darkman007. He just has a huge experience of eight beats. www.darkman-007.narod.ru/

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