lightcaster2011-10-14 10:54:50
Machine learning
lightcaster, 2011-10-14 10:54:50

Any contributors to ml-class.org / ai-class.com? How was it?

For me, the beginning is somewhat simplified both in one and in the other. But I think it will get harder. I'm trying to keep up with two in parallel. So far ml-class.org looks more consistent. Although initially focused on ai-class.

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Dmitry Demidov, 2011-10-14

I agree with you about the simplified start.
although for me, for example, as a person far from such things, it’s just right. we are waiting for what will happen next.
be that as it may, a great opportunity to improve English with a double benefit.
By the way, does anyone know if the lectures are being translated into Russian somewhere? have a desire to help.

Nicolette, 2011-10-14

I took both courses (plus the Yandex School of Algorithms, Kiev branch). The first impression is that I don’t have enough time for all this. I'll see what happens next.

ozz, 2011-10-14

but I learned about ai from the question :) - I’m running to swear!
I'm going through ml-class - so far I like it! The forum is interesting to read on this course.

w008, 2011-10-14

I'm going through ml-class. The beginning is really a bit simplistic, but I like everything)

andyceo, 2011-10-27

I participate in ai-class. Like. I remember the years of study at the university :), although I have already learned something new for myself. In addition, indeed, this is a good chance to improve English.

Stick, 2011-11-01

I'm doing ai-class. Really like.
I want to try ml-class this week.

odionysus, 2011-10-22

there is also db-class

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