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CrowBarSka, 2018-12-15 19:45:49

Angular => Django?

I am an Angular developer, I have little experience in bloody startups and bloody enterprise, before that I was a workbench for a long time.
I've been thinking about moving towards back-end development for a long time. There are two reasons:
1. At the moment it is more interesting for me (perhaps because I have not been fully engaged in this before)
2. Deadlines. Where the front-end ticket takes a week or more, on the back-end, the ticket closes in a range from a couple of hours to 2 days.
A similar idea was born after talking with one of the colleagues from another team, a few years ago, who had such an experience. I know that Node will advise me now, at the moment I am moving in this direction. But with my experience, I cannot avoid tasks at the front. That's why I'm thinking about Django || Laravel.
What do you think?
Who has had a similar experience?
How expedient is such a decision?

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sim3x, 2018-12-15

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