itgraine2018-12-07 22:16:11
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itgraine, 2018-12-07 22:16:11

Agreement for a one-time provision of services on the site?

Please tell me which contract is suitable for a one-time provision of a service (add a block) on the site if I am a physicist and a customer of AO? And if you can tell me where you can download such a contract if it is available. Thank you!

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BBmike, 2018-12-08

Author, why do you have a headache about this? Difficulties are on the side of the accounting department and personnel of the customer, and only he knows what is best for him.
Contacting a physicist without the status of an individual entrepreneur and at the same time not running into a recognition of a work contract as a labor contract is still a pleasure.
We can advise anything here, the question is whether it will suit the other side.

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