386DX2014-06-11 10:19:01
386DX, 2014-06-11 10:19:01

A browser capable of loading all hyperlinks at multiple levels?

The Internet has become fast, and sites sometimes slow down.
I wanted something strange: a browser that, when entering the site, immediately loads 2-3 sublevels via hyperlinks, and in case of a transition, it takes the page out of the cache (if there is no transition, it clears the cache after a while).
Usecase - I went to news.*sitename*.com with 20 links to news sites, half of which are shamelessly slow, I would like them to immediately start loading when visiting news.*sitename*.com.

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Maksim Zverev, 2014-06-11

It may be possible to achieve similar behavior using userscripts by setting rel="prerender" on all links, but something tells me that it will be shamelessly stupid :) because there are clearly not 20 links on sites :)

Eugene Obrezkov, 2014-06-11

There are none, only if the site developer does not use different goodies on his site in the style of "mouse over the link - preload content."
Profit for browsers is generally zero from this. It's just extra traffic. All of a sudden I don't click on that link at all.

Sergey Melnikov, 2014-06-11


Vitaly Zheltyakov, 2014-06-11

All browsers have content preload extensions. This is what you need

DancingOnWater, 2014-06-11

At one time there were so-called offline browsers

XO8964, 2014-07-30

Two potential problems with your idea:
1) The site may consider that you are finishing it and slow down the delivery of content to your IP.
2) In personal accounts on forums, the provider's website, etc., clicking on a link can mean a certain action. Go to your personal account of your mobile phone and find yourself subscribed to all possible paid services.
For simple links, not javascript and not https, your idea can be implemented by a local proxy server that will parse the html of the page and load the pages found in the links into its cache within the current site. I am not aware of the existence of such proxies.

holymolycasinos, 2018-01-15

It is possible to make a userscript or extension that will add iframes that will be off-screen or single-pixel with css.

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