Stanislav Valsinats2020-12-30 13:17:26
System administration
Stanislav Valsinats, 2020-12-30 13:17:26

1C Cluster - can I replace the disk with its files?

There is a 1C cluster with 10 databases.

Unfortunately, I cannot look at the installation path in the properties of the cluster, if someone knows, I will be grateful for the hint.

Question - It is necessary to replace the raidArray with data. On that disk, in addition to the SQL databases themselves, there are folders:

1CServInfo\11641\reg_1641 and there are a lot of attachments.
Cluster_1C\1cv8wsrv.lst Cluster_1C\1641\srvinfo\reg_1641 where there are many attachments.

If I transfer these files to temporary storage, transfer the REID and return files with the same drive letter to it in Win OS - WILL IT WORK ??

Before that, I will disconnect the database, disable SQL related services, disable all 1C Agents and everything I find with it. And then I plan to transfer.

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Alexey Dmitriev, 2020-12-30

For any options with copying database files, you need to have a backup copy of the database at hand - made by regular / non-standard means. Moreover, with a check, that this backup copy will definitely unfold.

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