revdalon2016-03-17 16:02:47
revdalon, 2016-03-17 16:02:47

1c and woocomerce how to organize the correct exchange?

Good afternoon!
I am uploading goods from 1c to a site running on WP with Woocomerce. Sports nutrition site, so I have a lot of products with different characteristics (variable products with flavors). If I upload all products without any filters, then products with all kinds of characteristics are uploaded to the site - that is, many variations with zero quantity are created and then they are all displayed on the site, and the user can select a non-existent taste, and only after that he will receive a message that it is not in stock (although I set a ban on displaying goods that are not in stock in the admin panel). I added a filter in 1s when unloading that I only unload products with a non-zero balance,
In this regard, I have two questions - can I still somehow prohibit the display of products with a zero balance (not from the admin panel, since for some reason this does not work correctly for me in the case of variable products) or can I come up with some more tricky filter when unloading from 1s?
Thanks in advance.

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