TaigaFox2022-01-08 20:57:27
TaigaFox, 2022-01-08 20:57:27

Will the antivirus create a conflict?

Is it true that Avast Antivirus does not conflict with Windows Defender? If not true, would it be reasonable to:

1. disable Windows Defender; 2. install Avast; 3. check the system for viruses with it; 4. thank and uninstall the poor Avast; 5. enable Windows Defender. Are there any pitfalls?

Thank you!

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Vitaly Inchin ☢, 2015-10-04

Duplicate question? Aya-yay. I already answered you there .

Vladimir Io, 2015-10-04

TSu apparently still difficult to read your code, although it is very good)
TS, you, judging by the description, are confusing 2 concepts:
For a better understanding, I give you a logically more understandable option, but not optimal. Because Vitaliy Inchin provided a much more optimal and short code.

function destroyer(arr){
    if(arguments.length > 1)
        for(var i=1;len = arguments.length, i<len;i++)
            for(var j=0;arrLen = arr.length, j<arrLen;j++)
                if(arr[j] === arguments[i])
                delete arr[j];
        return arr.filter(function(item){
            return item != 'undefined'

Denis, 2015-10-04

Maybe this option will work?

Array.prototype.destroyer = function(a) {
    return this.filter(function(v) {return a.indexOf(v) < 0;});
var z = ["tree", "hamburger", 53].destroyer(["tree", 53]);
console.log(z); // "hamburger"

Vadim, 2022-01-08

Normal antiviruses do not conflict with Windows Defender, and / or disable it correctly, and after removal they return it to its place.
For a one-time check, there are utilities that do not require installation KVRT , Dr. Web CureIt! - I recommend them, Avast is not at all a leader in the treatment of active infections.

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