freestm2017-04-07 22:31:58
freestm, 2017-04-07 22:31:58

How to transfer the execution of the program to the server?

Let's say I have resource-hungry software installed on my laptop and I want all the calculation operations to be performed by a nearby powerful PC and send me the results. What technologies do I need?

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AskJs, 2018-03-21


Andrey Lezhnin, 2018-03-21

Then executes fbq();

Alexey Cheremisin, 2017-04-08

There are several options here.
1) make your own software based on some kind of message queue. There are a lot of options, ranging from rabbitmq to hadoop.
2) use something like mpi libraries.
3) install a sungrid, torque or htcondor PBS system.
It is with htcondor that we are having fun now, we are transferring the cluster from sangrid to it.
The system is not one of those that "installed and went." But sane dock and help.

VoidVolker, 2017-04-07

File sharing technology is enough:
1) Copy the program to a powerful PC
2) Run it
3) Get the result

Uno, 2017-04-08

It is necessary that the software generally have the functionality of sending reports, this is the first thing. Well, or at least left and updated the logs; the script that once an hour sent reports where it is necessary - business of 5 minutes.
And secondly - tell us in more detail what kind of software, where you are going to send it - after all, clairvoyant shamans are not sitting here

Stopy, 2017-04-08

Connect 2 computers to a local grid, on a powerful PC on some port, hang up your labor-intensive script with api available for the laptop, which will return the finished result

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