Valeriu Vodnicear2016-06-07 20:59:31
Valeriu Vodnicear, 2016-06-07 20:59:31

How to free port 80 so that OpenServer works?

faf80acc5b4542489d0ec4fbd487a43f.pngHow to free port 80 so that OpenServer works?
There are no installed programs that could occupy this port, since Windows recently installed.
Writes that the port is occupied by Windwos services.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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Ken Jee, 2015-10-05

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landergate, 2016-06-07

By default, all ports are free.
To free port 80, you need to understand what is occupying it.
To find out which program is occupying port 80, you can do this:
Network -> Listening Ports
Sort the column by "Port"
A GUI version of netstat showing the status of connections, including ports in use in the LISTENING state.
Of the components installed by default, port 80 can be occupied by the IIS service .
In the components of the system, it is called - IIS
In services, it can be called:
- World Wide Web Publishing Services
- Web Publishing Service
Disable the service or uninstall the component.

devian3000, 2016-06-07

Maybe just change the port?
The solution is easier. 8080 and all.

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