Romi2021-03-22 23:42:55
Romi, 2021-03-22 23:42:55

Is there an analogue of Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks in Ubuntu/Linux?

I understand that the question is somewhat stupid, but for me it is relevant.

Here I was honored to move to Ubuntu :) and gradually "settle down".

I had a favorite graphics editor under Windows: Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks since ancient times.

And now I want to understand - is there something similar under Linux?

The main task for which I use it:

1. Overlaying text on a photo, for example, and some effects such as glow, shadow, etc.

2. Cut the head along the contour :D

In general, these are typical tasks for creating a "phototoad".

Mostly work with text and raster graphics overlay.

I tried Krita - nothing at all - there is simply no work with text, it is not there))

I tried Gimp before, on Windows it didn't work either. But this may be because there was no motivation - the point is in some gimp, if there are normal programs.

But if you say that there is nothing better than Gimp for my purposes under Linux - well, then I will master it, where to go.

In general, this is the question. The advice of an experienced Linux user is required))

Thank you.

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Boris Korobkov, 2018-03-04

Until recently everything was fine. Now switched from beer to vodka. Headache in the morning (depending on how much you drink). The only version is intoxication. After a while after a hangover, I come to my senses. But after a few liters of drunk vodka, the head begins to spin again. Before switching from beer to vodka, my head never hurt so much.
Connections are created but not closed. When their number reaches the limit, mysql crashes.
transaction.release()doesn't work because you have a mess of trying to write synchronous code in an asynchronous language. Await on every line is shitty code. Cramming more awaits into connection.release() is not a solution to the problem, but a crutch. This style can be written in PHP, but to use Node.JS, first understand asynchrony.

CityCat4, 2021-03-23

The raster editor is just gimp. All the others that I know look pathetic (although I fully admit that there is some worthy product that I don't know)
Vector - respectively inkscape. There is also LibreOfficeDraw, but it is noticeably simpler

Developer, 2021-03-22

Final release: CS6 (12) / May 7, 2012; 8 years ago

since ancient times.

You're already extinct, dinosaur.
Would you still remember Adobe Flash

firsy, 2021-03-23

There is Wine and you can install windows programs on it

unseriously, 2021-03-23

There is such a website: https://alternativeto.net/
Maybe there is something there

maksam07, 2021-03-23

If you need a simple graph editor, then Pinta. I use it. It's like Paint with mods) (or paint.net for Windows)

Victor Taran, 2021-03-23

cap well 2012
are you kidding me?
Believe me, you don't have time to do something like that.
The web is becoming obsolete too quickly to deliberately take a tool that has long been outdated.
If you are already retired and you would like to remember the dashing 90s, then install an NES emulator for yourself, sublime text 3 Phpstorm Git
works fine on Linux at the moment , this is more than enough to start.

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