Rain Summers2015-04-07 12:24:11
Rain Summers, 2015-04-07 12:24:11

phpstorm. How to disable non-disabled "Inspections: cannot resolve file"?

Hi, dear %USERNAME%!
When using AMD (require.js), the following trouble appears.
When prescribing paths in the require-config of the IDE, "cannot resolve file" (cannot find the path to the file),
and highlights the alleged error in red. Of course, in fact, everything is in order with the paths and the scripts are connected.
How to turn off error syntax highlighting in PHPStorm? I tried to do it through the "Inspections" settings, unchecking the appropriate checkboxes, but the stubborn IDE continues to annoy me with red.
It helps a little if you set the problematic js file as "Plain Text". Error-highlighting is removed from the Project-window (Alt+1) and paths, it remains only in the js-file, and if you do not open it, it is generally not annoying. But it's still a crutch
Can anyone help me in this trouble? )
PS: screenshot attached).

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Alex-1917, 2018-03-13

your division!!! In the examples, the developer even has an example !!!!

    slidesToShow: 1,
    slidesToScroll: 1,
    arrows: false,
    fade: true,
    asNavFor: '.slider-nav'
    slidesToShow: 2,
    slidesToScroll: 1,
    asNavFor: '.slider-for',
    dots: true,
    centerMode: true,
    focusOnSelect: true

<div class="slider-for">
  <img src="kortingo_01_big.jpg" alt="">
  <img src="kortingo_02_big.jpg" alt="">
  <img src="kortingo_03_big.jpg" alt="">
  <img src="kortingo_04_big.jpg" alt="">
<div class="slider-nav">
  <img src="kortingo_01_small.jpg" alt="">
  <img src="kortingo_02_small.jpg" alt="">
  <img src="kortingo_03_small.jpg" alt="">
  <img src="kortingo_04_small.jpg" alt="">

Style yourself!

thehighhomie, 2018-03-13

ahaha)) are you making a site for KIPARKHU? just install any plugin for the slider, for example owl-carousel and override the styles in the layout, that's all. Well, or do it with your hands, why are there 15 minutes)

Dmitry Grabko, 2018-03-13


V_Holmow, 2018-03-15

The css master seems to have an old video on how to make a similar slider, where he does it using the example of a product card. Search on youtube. And in general it is very easy.

Mikhail Osher, 2015-04-07

I suspect that you need to put the require.js plugin.
// upd

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