Timofey2015-04-01 11:13:34
Timofey, 2015-04-01 11:13:34

sails.js impressions?

I recently installed Sails.js, poking around in it, mastering it slowly and so far I like everything. Especially memory consumption and application startup speed compared to Rails) Used Passenger with Nginx to implement normal virtual hosts without proxying a domain to a port.
I've used PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js with Express in the past, and I'm of the opinion that Node.js is the future of back-end development, and that if I have a choice on what to write the next project, then I will not hesitate to choose Sails .js
So, I would like to know the opinions of people who also moved from somewhere to the node or even abandoned it later. What are your general impressions of using Node and Sails.js in particular, when compared to peers (Rails, PHP frameworks, Django - whatever)?

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Stalker_RED, 2018-02-27

Loop through nested arrays, loop through rows for each, loop through values ​​for each row.

arr.map(function(subArray, a) {
  subArray.map(function(row, b) {
    row.map(function (value, c) {
      if (value % 6 === 0) { // кратные шести, например
      	 console.log(value, a, b , c)

Max Sysoev, 2015-04-09

I used Sails. And I switched from it back to Express (and Koa right here). Why? He takes on too much work.
What should I do if I want to use LiveScript \ JS ES6 (Babel) as the language?
What should I do if I'm not using Grunt but Webpack?
In general, it is too monolithic. And it develops too slowly ... At first it was cool and fun, but then I stopped liking it.

Stanislav Romanov, 2015-04-02

That no one is using Sails.js?
Update 01/20/2016
I used (4 months), Sails.js in one project as a backend for an API. At first the impressions were good, but delving into the project, I realized that Sails.js is terrible.
1. It doesn't develop. Generally. As version 0.11 was a year ago, so it is now. And it will be the same in a year.
2. Memory leaks. Googled, found that it is recommended to disable sockets. Disconnected, leaks became less, but did not pass.
3. Terrible, just terrible ORM Waterline. Not suitable for projects harder than hello world. Semi non-working connections. There are no complex indexes, transactions. I had Sails crash 2 times at the start at the migration stage and ter nafig all the data in the database. And this ORM is impossible to drink or replace. He is inside Sailsa.
Don't Use Sails.js

Andrew Lewman, 2016-01-20

I use Sails and am very satisfied

Roman, 2015-04-15

I use Sails, I write my own project on it, I like everything. But I don’t really have anything to compare with, since I haven’t come across full-fledged web development. About five years ago I made a similarity of cms to php, and sites on joomla and modex. It was useful to look at Rails, but it turned out to be more difficult to enter, although it was interesting, or maybe Sails turned out to be more clear, because before that I dug with the rails ... In general, so far everyone likes sails for me)

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