Vladislav2019-09-07 09:44:30
Vladislav, 2019-09-07 09:44:30

How to make a regular user a Guest in windows 7?

The system has an account with "normal access". It needs to be made on the rights as "Guest". Simply creating a Guest is inconvenient, because There are already many documents and settings. Reluctance to bother and endure it all.
You need to limit his access to the maximum, but you can only change the type of entry to the administrator.

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Yan, 2019-09-07

Go to account settings
Go to groups
Delete "administrator" group
Leave/add "users" group

Ezhyg, 2019-09-07

Well, don’t “transfer”, all the more, it’s not clear what you were going to transfer there.
You just change the user group from users or whoever is there to guests and that's it.
Are you through the management of users in the control panel?
And if so -

control userpasswords2 - Дополнительно - Дополнительно
Or just right click on "my computer" - manage - users...

Artem @Jump, 2019-09-07
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How to make a regular user a Guest in windows 7?
Elementary. You need to delete this user account.

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