Vladimir Kapalev2021-03-27 10:25:24
Vladimir Kapalev, 2021-03-27 10:25:24

Which program to batch replace text from a list from a file using regular expressions?

How can I batch replace text in files using an external rules file that allows regular expressions?
Prompt the program.

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Dmitry Khvatov, 2019-08-18

Enclose it all in one div , rotate the svg to the desired angle and rotate the div on click

vreitech, 2021-03-27


rPman, 2021-03-27

There are such wonderful utilities as sed, awk, grep and a combination of them.
But in general, the 'external rules file in which regular expressions are allowed' will be determined by the tool.
The easiest way is to script an application in any favorite programming language.

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