damir_tok2022-03-01 07:36:45
damir_tok, 2022-03-01 07:36:45

Why is the second addon not connected? monitor for macbook m1?

I bought an adapter with 2 hdmi, installed DisplayLink Manager, connected the power, but only one monitor works.

Maybe someone knows why?

Both hdmi connectors and monitors work, I tried to connect monitors one by one, then everything works.

I decided to consult with you before buying a new adapter (if the problem is still in the adapter, then pliz advise a new one)

My adapter: https://www.mechta.kz/product/adapter-digital-av-c...

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VegasChickiChicki, 2022-03-02

You don't need an ordinary adapter, but a docking station with a DisplayLink chip. It is he who allows you to "split" the signal into 2 monitors and use the DisplayLink Manager.

Voland69, 2022-03-01

If Macbook m1, not pro and not max, then it is intended according to the documentation

Drno, 2022-03-01

So it only supports 1 additional monitor...

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