Respect and good to all2018-11-20 18:47:24
Respect and good to all, 2018-11-20 18:47:24

Who knows how to rent free GPU and CPU computing power?

Does anyone have experience or information on remotely renting out the processing power of their PC?
Internet is excellent fiber optic (if that matters).
Ps A huge request without haters and references to Google (I've already been there), thanks in advance!

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TyzhSysAdmin, 2018-11-20

Finish all this - until you sit down for distributing some thread of forbidden garbage or child porn in general :D

Radjah, 2018-11-20

[email protected] and other distributed computing. Well, or you can drive some kind of miner. :)

Slav2, 2019-01-02

You can not rent it, but use it for botting in online games. Everything that is earned is sold on an exchange like funpay to players. Well, or offer your services on the forum to other bot growers.

float64, 2019-06-24

If there is a lot of computing power (especially GPU) - then I recommend SONM: https://sonm.com/
If there is a lot of space - STORJ: https://storj.io
There is also iExec: https://docs.iex.ec/intro. html#computing-providers
and golem: https://golem.network/
Separately, I would like to mention the ability to host holochain, but I still do not fully understand this project myself, to be honest: https://holo.host/host/
(code open source, you can host on your own hardware, it is desirable to have 16 GB of RAM)
If you want to host many blockchains at once, then there is a special (rather raw) distribution kit for this: https://dappnode.io/
(I tried to run it, but I could not set up the network on it - maybe you can do it)

Pavel, 2018-11-21

choose where you want to contribute and provide your PC resources. You can create a group and invite friends there, compete who has more like points . If there are several PCs or projects, then you can use BAM

shtirmuz, 2020-10-06

Good afternoon! You can contact iqhost.ru - the guys rent GPU servers in their data center, if you have free cards, you can make a profit...

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