RedFirefly2022-04-13 08:19:56
RedFirefly, 2022-04-13 08:19:56

What replaces the KB2928120 update?

I have WSUS and a fleet of Windows 7.
I need to install security update KB2928120 (2014) but it is not downloaded by computers. On the WSUS server, it is listed as superseded by the latest monthly update from March 2022. Is that why it won't download?
I can't supply this new March monthly roll-up, I can only supply 2019 - will they replace this KB2928120 or not?
In general, how to find out what is replacing the old update? Is there any list?

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Roman Bezrukov, 2022-04-13

Is there any list?
Yes (Package Details tab)
will they replace it with KB2928120 or not?
latest replacement - KB5012626, 04 2022
earliest available replacement - KB4580345, 10 2020
for x86 same all...

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