Denis Kryuchkov2011-01-11 00:25:22
Denis Kryuchkov, 2011-01-11 00:25:22

What blogs are missing on Habré?

We would like to more clearly structure blogs on Habré, in connection with this the question arises:

What blogs are missing on Habré?

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LProf, 2011-01-11

Frankly speaking, I do not have enough of some kind of slider filtering the degree of tape geekiness. If you want, you set it up and they filter the most hardcore for you with codes, assemblers and other complex technical issues. And if you want to relax in the evening, put lite and they show you about all sorts of smart LEGO designers and about employees fired from Volvo

Sergey, 2011-01-11

There is a lack of a blog(s) where habrausers (and old ones, who were silent earlier) who came back through invites could write. Q&A has already been spammed with requests and hints “how to publish a topic?”, “karma +4, what to do?” etc. Personal (named) blogs were quite good. Unless it was possible to separate them from the general flow /new/, and that's it.

Atrax, 2011-01-11

hello_world intro
articles to anything

Pavlo Ponomarenko, 2011-01-11


denver, 2011-01-11

Augmented reality is long overdue.
Yes, by the way, about the extra ones. I propose to merge the following into a short /ui/
In addition, there are two GTD:
And the last one is general-directional , former "learn to work". I think it's not worth calling GTD something that is not GTD (I wrote to Bobuk, but he doesn't seem to care about such trifles).

Alexey Bumburum, 2011-01-11

Maybe it's ... like him ... "Likbez", in! Any theoretical and practical articles could be dumped there, for which, for example, there was no shelter in any other blog. From “Fundamentals of Digital Electronics” and “Learning to Etch a Board” to “Principles of Product Labeling”, etc.

iStyx, 2011-01-11


Skiminok, 2011-01-11

The Computer Science blog is sorely lacking. Now everything more or less theoretical, relating to the mathematical background of IT (most often associated with functional programming, but not only) has to be dumped into Haskell, which is completely not intended for this. At the same time, I do not mean algorithms, they have a place in Algorithms.
Topic examples:
habrahabr.ru/blogs/personal /81103/

Pavlo Ponomarenko, 2011-01-11

By the way, I almost forgot, GIMP !

ayambit, 2011-01-12

Not about blogs. There is not enough highlighting in articles and sending errors to the author by ctrl-enter. Well, the truth is, 2011 is in the yard!

Pavlo Ponomarenko, 2011-01-11

Blog "Canvas":
131 topics already. I have to throw Javascript into the blog, but:
1. It is lost there among a bunch of topics of a different direction
2. It is inconvenient to give links on Habré - the Javascript blog is cursed by a habraparser

KaneUA, 2011-01-11

Well, not enough, in my opinion, a blog about the old software. At least I didn't find it. It would also be possible to add a blog about ChromeOS (it was also not exactly found).

homm, 2011-01-11

(And put a dot at the end of the sentence at the same time.)

inoname, 2011-01-11

There are a thousand and one blogs. lack of competent cataloging of these blogs; breakdown by topic.

VenomBlood, 2011-01-11

There are many articles on it, but there is no separate blog.

Pavlo Ponomarenko, 2011-01-11

why not allow people to create blogs, as it was before?
As I understand it, this is so that there is no constant flow of blogs.
but you can, say, limit the ability to create the rule "must be a Star or Legend tag and you can create no more than one blog per month."
Now there are only two dozen such people, and there will be an incentive to write good articles on the topic, get points for them and eventually transfer them to a thematic blog.

Kirill Stryaponoff, 2011-03-17

As before, there is not enough open analogue of the blog "I am indignant"

VenomBlood, 2011-01-11

There is no blog on parallel programming, there were quite a lot of interesting articles on this topic, and the direction has been relevant lately.

Alexander, 2011-01-18

there used to be a rule - a thematic blog can be created by anyone who has a certain karma. Has it been cancelled?

bestfriend, 2011-07-03

there is not enough closed alizar blog!

VenomBlood, 2011-01-11

Hmm, I didn’t seem to find a blog about debugging (Debug)

Banzeg, 2011-01-11

Isn't it possible, since we've decided to talk about blogs here, to organize your personal favorites by blogs?
I wrote about it once...

Mithgol, 2011-01-13

There is an urgent need for a blog about GLONASS.
A number of blog posts ([ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ], [ 4 ], [ 5 ], [ 6 ], [ 7 ], [ 8 ], [ 9 ], [ 10 ], [ 11 ], [ 12 ], [ 13 ], [ 14 ], [ 15 ], [ 16 ], [ 17 ], [ 18], [ 19 ], [ 20 ], [ 21 ], [ 22 ], [ 23 ], [ 24 ]) would look much better in such a specialized blog than in others.

avn, 2011-01-13

I would do the following:

  1. There are so many blogs! And in order to see them all , you need to click “there” for a long time. It would be nice to be able to see them all on one page. Yes, let it load for half an hour (I have a slow one and no) - I’ll go and have some tea, but then I’ll see everything and decide what’s interesting to me.
  2. I prefer not a single-level directory structure on my PC, but a multi-level one. I have "Programs", and in it - "Cpp", "Asm", "Perl", "VBA", etc. (I use many languages). I also work with Embedded projects, so I have AT89, PIC, AVR in my Embedded directory. In the depths of the same "AVR" live "ATtiny", "ATmega16", "ATmega128" ... In general, the idea is clear. I propose to make a multi-level blog structure. And even better - the ability to watch 1) one-level and 2) multi-level. And in addition to my previous idea - look at “10 per page”, “20 per page”, “everything”.

zeliboba, 2011-08-13

there is not enough blog about emacs, the search returns:

  • 135 topics
  • 20 users
  • 1000 comms
  • 26 questions

there is a lisp blog , but most posts about emacs in software

Sergey, 2011-09-05

Blog "IT in healthcare"

leventov, 2011-01-11

An open blog about IT education (to help unauthorized people).

PavelSandovin, 2011-01-11

If I'm not mistaken, then there is not enough blog on IT standards.
There is a blog "Web Standards", but the topic of standardization is much broader.

vansickle, 2011-01-11

hmm, well, in general, probably blogs to some extent perform the same functions as tags - so you can just go over popular tags and if articles with the same tag end up in different blogs - this is a reason to start a separate one.

avn, 2011-01-13

And one more idea.
I am writing various courses - now I am developing a course on "C for microcontrollers". And I want to post it here in order to 1) run it - people will write comments, I will correct it. 2) to see its need for a wide audience. And where to put it? In "Programming microcontrollers" ? It will then be "C for microcontrollers: 1. Introduction", "C for microcontrollers: 2. from machine codes to C", .... In general, the blog is clogged. And in order to create a substructure, it will be necessary to post the first post on the topic, people will read and put "+" if necessary. If some critical number "+" has accumulated, it means that the topic is needed, a sub-blog is created and off we go.
It would be nice to have a blog "Courses", "Textbooks" or something like that. And there to create a substructure. Here, my blog “C for microcontrollers” will live there, and there are already separate blogs in it in parts.

Vladson, 2011-01-23

I personally lack “personal blogs” (so that even those who are “unlucky” with karma can post there.)

Kindman, 2011-07-20

I would like the blog "Guide to Habr"

Xlab, 2011-08-09

There is not enough blog "Chinese budget tablets", where one could write reviews of these.

hudvin, 2011-08-13

in bioinformatics

Nikita Kolosov, 2011-01-11

Maybe something like "News on the web"?

rasa, 2011-01-11

IT MTV-like "Home":)))
"At the houses of IT people" or "At the houses of IT"

VenomBlood, 2011-01-11

You can also write some blog about PVS-Studio, static code analysis and compiler theory.

Yuri Udovichenko, 2011-01-11

It would be logical to add the "Defect tracking" blog to the "Source Control Systems" blog.
Or immediately “Task Management” - here you can post notes about both bug tracking (Redmine, Jira), and about various kinds of Megaplan, Basecamp, etc.

fStrange, 2011-01-11

I also propose to shorten it
within the framework of the same structuring
All about ultraportable computers.
All about our smaller brothers. PDAs, communicators and everything connected with them ...
An integral part of our mobile lifestyle: PDAs, smartphones. New technologies and trends in the handheld market.
in my opinion, these blogs are about the same
2007, only 2 topics and those review
Blog of the first mass touchscreen smartphone from Nokia.
:) this blog killed me on the spot, well, I understand from the blog on Maemo, now deceased
but 5800 as a model is of no interest to Habr and does not stand out from other touch phones

IlyaPodkopaev, 2011-01-11

blog network technology. now articles about juniper began to pour into the cisco blog

vabor112, 2011-01-12

There is not enough blog "development for Google Android OS". There are quite a few articles, but they are lost among all sorts of news and reviews.

leventov, 2011-01-12


Alexander, 2011-01-12

there just isn't enough good tech blog
where people share their best practices and thoughts
just pop stuff like how cool it is to use php-fpm and sphinx and chasing karma

Zorkus, 2011-01-12

I'll summarize it here as a comment on the topic.
I propose a blog "Compilers" (you can add _theory and practice_) with a url like */compilers. And there to write articles on lexical analysis, grammar, AST, a series of articles about writing a compiler, what was there, all sorts of optimizations and so on.
And I would also like a blog on virtual machines.
The name of the blog is "Virtual Machines", url *./virtual_machines. And there to write about all sorts of JVM, CLR, (JIT?), And so on. And, of course, general approaches.

kekoz, 2011-01-13

Although not for new blogs, but I think it would be appropriate to ask - why is “System Administration” in the “Programming” category? Well, if you choose from the available categories, then “Operating Systems” would be much closer.
Although, in my opinion, “System Administration” itself deserves to be a category.

Yuri Udovichenko, 2011-01-13

You can also make a blog about books. I myself have at least a couple of topics (and a couple are on the way) :)

Sergey, 2011-01-15

Can you make a NetBeans blog or an IDE blog?

Sannis, 2011-01-16

Thanks for the blog on Node.js, I used to somehow get into 10%, apparently :)
If it's not difficult, delete the blog habrahabr.ru/blogs/ipb/ , somehow there were no articles on it.

YarikRock, 2011-01-16

Taking this opportunity, I ask you to make sure that the rating of the topic is shown immediately for unregistered and those who cannot vote.

mstyura, 2011-01-20

I saw in one of the topics a proposal to create a Kinect blog, but for some reason the habrauser who made this proposal did not write here.

cless75, 2011-01-21

There is a very correct and relevant topic - "Product Management"

AusTiN, 2011-01-23

The blog “Consumer Protection” is missing. I think it would be nice to create it.

Mithgol, 2011-01-25

Apparently, there is also a lack of a special blog about LTE, because now blog posts about LTE are thrown, Lazar at random, into the first blog that comes across that is remotely close to this topic - for example, a blog about WiMAX , blogs " 3G ", " Telecoms ", " Iron " and so on. Including in personal blogs, from where habratopics are not able to get to the main page, which is annoying.
Here are examples of such blog posts, each of which would look much more appropriate in a separate blog about LTE: [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ], [ 4 ], [ 5], [ 6 ], [ 7 ], [ 8 ], [ 9 ], [ 10 ], [ 11 ], [ 12 ], [ 13 ], [ 14 ], [ 15 ], [ 16 ], [ 17 ], [ 18 ], [ 19 ], [ 20 ], [ 21 ].

DeadFine, 2011-01-27


Michael Treser, 2011-02-08

I once wrote a letter to Chip and Dale with a request to open a blog "Distance Learning" or "E-Learning". They even kind of gave me the go-ahead, they only asked who would moderate the blog. I called nicknames, and that was it. Since this topic has been raised, I will remind you of my request.
Yes, there is a "Learning Process" blog, but firstly, this is too general a name, and secondly, this is a closed blog, available only to its subscribers. Therefore, all posts on this topic are scattered throughout. Many articles on the topic never reach the main one, as they are published on personal blogs. Article applicants who have a place there:
Tyk 1
Tyk 2
Tyk 3
Tyk 4
Tyk 5
Tyk 6
Tyk 7
Tyk 8
Tyk 9

sadist007, 2011-02-08

Blog about MongoDB? It seems like there is a NoSQL blog, but this is a general topic, but I would like to see about mongo in one place.

Aryeh Leonid R., 2011-02-23

1. Real Time
2. Embedded System

Nicolette, 2011-03-17

To the question of the restructuring of blogs. In my opinion, a very strange move - to pour "Programming Languages" into "Programming". I don’t know about others, but it seems to me that these are different things. Let's say you can write about my favorite esoteric in "Abnormal Programming", but "If there were programming languages ​​..." where? And what about languages ​​that are not esoteric, but not common?

brabadu, 2011-03-17

GIT is in administration, which is strange in itself, because there is a "Source Control Systems" blog in the "Programming" section.
I would look for a blog for each CVS separately, or vice versa, expect everything to be in one heap. If there are much more topics about git than about others, then on the one hand this will show a trend, and on the other hand, it will encourage authors to write about other topics too.

anjolio, 2011-03-18

I think it is necessary to combine several blogs about cellular communications into one: LTE, 3G, WiMAX, Telecoms. In fact, blogs are all about cellular communications. You can call it that.

rubyrabbit, 2011-04-13

I ask you to create a blog "Habraexpertiza".
See discussion habrahabr.ru/blogs/internet/117367/#comment_3818372

StopDesign, 2011-04-13

bitcoin — 7 topics, 91 mentions in comments. Torn between crypto and e-commerce. Now this phenomenon is gaining momentum and will be discussed more and more actively.

GANGTA, 2011-06-15

You can create a blog "HabraLife", I think the meaning is clear.

Michael, 2011-08-13

Blog about DBMS Firebird

Eugene, 2012-01-03

I am writing about DropBox - still not a small service, I would like to add it to the list.

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