tma9992018-05-15 11:01:59
tma999, 2018-05-15 11:01:59

We mistakenly bought PC components and an OEM license. What can be done?

By mistake, they put up for purchase computers in the form of loose parts and OEM licenses for WINDOWS 10 PRO.
The supplier who won the tender to my belated question about "legality" says that everything is OK, they themselves will assemble the computers from components and roll Windows, stick a sticker.
But here in the accounting documents it will remain components separately, licenses separately.
I understand correctly that when checking from MS, we will be told that we cannot use these computers?
Are there any options on how to fix this issue?
Thank you.

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d-stream, 2018-05-15

Just in case, ask a written question (to get a written answer) in Microsoft Russian.
Upon receipt of computers with stickers - arrange all this so that the computers are already on the balance as a "single whole" from the assembler - a bit of bureaucracy will be added, but in the future it will make life easier.

Alexander Chernykh, 2018-05-15

all right.
just if you decide to sell or write off the computer, then you will need to do this together with Windows

Adamos, 2018-05-15

Half of Russia buys Windows in exactly the same way. You bought a version for one computer - this computer, here are the documents for purchasing the software along with it.
M$ did not suffer any loss from your actions, and this is where the powers of the inspectors end.

Artem @Jump, 2018-05-15
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I understand correctly that when checking from MS, we will be told that we cannot use these computers?
Not right.
The OEM license is for assemblers and is difficult to acquire without being one.
But this does not affect the use in any way - there is a license, so everything is in order.

Konstantin Tsvetkov, 2018-05-15

What can be done?
The link is as follows: when posting in your accounting department, you need to link the license and any part (or even a mouse) for each computer in the kit.

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