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System administration
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Using sysprep in pair with Acronix?

Is it correct and is it a good way to use sysprep + acronics to transfer a working OS to another computer that runs on ssd and would it be a better solution to use acronics along with sysprep to transfer the OS?

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Foxcloud Foxcloud, 2020-03-10

In order to transfer the system from one PC to another, you can use acronis + sysprep.
Note a few things:
1. sysprep is optional. You can carry without it.
2. When restoring the server using the acronis boot CD, look at the disk partition table.
If you had GPT or MBR on the original server, you need to convert the drive to GPT or MBR first. To do this, there are many tools from DISKPART in the console to specialized programs such as AOMEI DISK Manager.
3. In biose, respectively, you need to set in which mode the boot will be (EUFI / Legacy) in accordance with how it was on the original PC.
We wish you success in this task!

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