Pray Montana2022-04-02 14:11:44
Pray Montana, 2022-04-02 14:11:44

The workstation of the second network does not respond, why?

There are two stands with one server and one workstation each:
On the internal network: and are the first, and are the second. Both servers are connected to the external network and have addresses and, respectively.

Through RRAS (Routing and Remote Access), you need to ensure that the server from the first network pings the workstation from the second.

I added a static route to the second network to the first server, but the attempt is in vain - the server does not ping. What could I be missing?


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hint000, 2022-04-02

To begin with, pings to should go from the first one, check. If such pings do not pass, then the rest of your actions are useless.

Drno, 2022-04-02

to get a response to a ping, both networks must see each other,
add the route to the first network in the second server too

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