Nick3545342021-06-29 00:11:37
Nick354534, 2021-06-29 00:11:37

Reliable VPN client ???

Which of the solutions is the most reliable in terms of traffic encryption?
What is better to use for strong encryption from the options below?

If there are additions, write your options ..


govpn + greentunel


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CityCat4, 2021-06-29

Oh, God, again a schoolboy who imagines that someone will break the encryption, and not him. What is the intruder model? Who do you want to protect yourself from?
If mom / wife / neighbor - any vpn on your vps in Holland, for example, will give absolutely armor-piercing protection with any modern cipher.
If the employer (both on the employer's computer and during working hours) - the issue is usually resolved in the local Security Council (and where it does not exist, everything is there for everyone as usual).
If the state - no one bothers to open the encryption - there are other ways and they work very efficiently.

Andrey Barbolin, 2021-06-29

Too many variables in your question. In terms of security - you can choose almost any VPN, I would proceed from ease of use and speed.
My choice is wireguard, the Android client is just fantastic in terms of functionality)

FileManager2049, 2022-03-24

I can recommend hydemyname. Good and relatively cheap vpn. The most thrill for me is that any applications go through a VPN, and there is also the ability to connect 5 devices at once. In the current situation, a very good option. If you also sign up using my link, it will be super. https://hidemy.name/#623cc3f4de403

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