joha07382021-05-11 15:59:03
joha0738, 2021-05-11 15:59:03

Is it possible to create an array from methods in Java?

I need that after pressing a button in a program that calls a certain method, this method is added to the queue, and at the same time the method that was added to the queue before this button is called.
For example: there is a button X and a method X1, a Button Y and a method Y1.
After pressing X, the X1 method was added to the queue,
Then I clicked on Y --> the X1 method was called --> and the Y1 method was added to the queue
Then I clicked on Y --> the Y1 method was called --> and the Y1 method was queued again.

Thanks in advance.

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Ivan Solomennikov, 2018-11-05
dnepr @avpdnepr

Perhaps the problem is in the video driver if the video card is from nvidia, I solved it by installing a proprietary video driver.

great_77, 2020-01-11

I got up dead on my laptop with Intel guts on 16.04, and searched for a problem for a long time until I found this: ... “If it hangs tightly on distra higher than 14.04.3, then 99% that this is due to Intel graphics. I had regular freezes after 20 - 40 - 90 min. It was decided so sudo gedit /etc/default/grub bring the line GRUB_MDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT to the following form (if nothing was added) GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash intel_idle.max_cstate=1" Save, close. sudo update-grub And reboot. The problem should disappear if Intel HD is to blame. "... IT HELPED ME. I specifically drove for a week without reloading the video in the chrome browser.
anonymous (06/30/17 05:54:02)

Sergey Gornostaev, 2021-05-11


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