JeremiSharkboy2022-03-19 21:15:13
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JeremiSharkboy, 2022-03-19 21:15:13

How to find out at what stage the http request is blocked?

The point is this. Raised http server, in LAN is available from any mouth-in. I'm trying to open a port on the router, so that I could reach out from the outside, but all attempts are in vain. How can I figure out who specifically is blocking my request. That is, make sure that it goes through all the nodes of the operators and see that, for example, my router (firewall) rejects it. Or it gets lost somewhere along the way. Something like tracerote but for the port?

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Drno, 2022-03-19

The white address was issued by the provider?
Firewall on the PC, as I understand it, skips the request? (once it plows in LAN)
What router?
Then give a photo of the settings from the router. In theory, there is 1 rule for forwarding (if the router is home
) like a router interface

TheBigBear, 2022-03-20

To start. Make sure that the IP is "white"
Go to https://2ip.ru/ - look at your IP address
By https://2ip.ru/whois/ - enter the name provided by the dyndns provider
Compare these IPs. If they match - great.
Try to register in the router the internal IP address of the server in the DMZ zone. It will then wrap ALL incoming requests to your internal server. If you reach out, then the provider does not block incoming calls. Some block by default and this function must be disabled in your account.
And what does port 5001 have to do with it? http - usually the 80th port
In the internal port rule, set 80, and knock outside http://MyIPAddress:5001
And keep in mind that the entry MyIPAddress: 5001 will not work - by default, the browser will substitute https instead of http

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