Theory Theory2021-05-06 06:43:30
Theory Theory, 2021-05-06 06:43:30

How is PHPMailer different from regular mail() functions??

Why PHPMailer is needed if regular mail() works well

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Tema Smirnov, 2021-05-06

The function mail()in PHP essentially calls the mail program built into the system - by default, this is sendmailin linux (it is also possible to use qmail, postfix, but for this you must first configure PHP through the .ini file).
More about Mail in PHP: https://www.php.net/manual/ru/book.mail.php
And about the main problem of cross-platform use: https://habr.com/ru/post/26518/
PHPMailer is a powerful a library that implements mail transports rather than using sendmailit as a standard mail()feature. It has a large number of features out of the box, such as (only a small part is presented in the list):

  • full support for SMTP, Qmail, POP3, IDN, DKIM;
  • SSL and TLS support;
  • works on any win32 and *nix platform;
  • debugging flexibility;
  • manually defined email headers;
  • combining multiple messages and attachments;
  • built-in image support;
  • can send letters with multiple: recipients (TO), copies (CC), BCC and REPLY-TO;
  • layered/alternative messages for clients who cannot read HTML emails;
  • support for 8 bit, base64, binary mode, and printable format;
  • word wrap (word wrap);
  • messages in the form of HTML (templates);
  • the library has been tested on many SMTP servers: Sendmail, qmail, Postfix, Imail, Exchange, Mercury, Courier;
  • the library is used under the hood of such giants: WordPress, Drupal, 1CRM, SugarCRM, Yii, Joomla;

You can read more here:
In addition to PHPMailer , there are other cool libraries , I leave the list for For those interested:
(Symfony) Mailer
If you're a heavy user of a feature mail()in PHP development and haven't run into problems using it on hosts or on your own servers without a properly configured environment, then mail()it's perfect for you. And when you run into problems or want to have more features out of the box, the advantages of PHPMailer and other specialized libraries become obvious.

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