IvanOne2022-04-01 12:19:20
IvanOne, 2022-04-01 12:19:20

Grainy on screen when connected to macbook?

I purchased a macbook air on an m1 chip, connected it via an hdmi cable to an LG ultrawide 29wp60g monitor, set the resolution to 2560 by 1080, the frequency was 75Hz. And everything would be fine, but the monitor is a little grainy, the button fonts, etc. I tried to connect via the Display port, nothing changed, I tried to remove font smoothing, but I didn’t see any difference. How else can you try to solve this problem?

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Dmitry Roo, 2022-04-01

It's just that this monitor has a low resolution.
In order for the picture to be beautiful, the resolution must be high.
You might be asking “why is there no such effect on Windows then?”, and I will answer you that “Apple removed sub-pixel anti-aliasing from macOS in 2018, the same month that it released its last laptop without Retina”.

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