Anton Medvedev2012-04-14 11:44:04
Anton Medvedev, 2012-04-14 11:44:04

Getting started with Macbook Air?

Greetings! Bought myself a Macbook Air, very pleased. But I have absolutely no idea how to work with it?
How to organize the storage of files on it? Do I need to install an antivirus and if so, which one? What useful programs should be installed? What is the best way to deploy LAMP?
PS I ran into a problem: I can not remove the Russian language from the input methods. And also a little noise when the power adapter is connected to the laptop (when scrolling).

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Stdit, 2012-04-14

How to organize the storage of files on it?
I did not organize anything, the standard organization is quite convenient (downloads + documents + ~ for the rest)
Do I need to install an antivirus and if so, which one?
No, it doesn `t need. The main thing is not to install software from left-hand sources that requires a root password.
What useful programs should be installed?
Based on your profile, you are a PHP developer. Then you need: a virtual machine (Virtual BOX for example) with Linux for a dev web server with SSH access, a Windows virtual machine for IE, PHPStorm for OSX, Sequel pro or Navicat to serve MYSQL databases. For entertainment, VLC player and a set of Perian codecs can also come in handy. The rest of the developer's goodies are available in the terminal, in the poppy it supports everything you need: vi, find, grep, nslookup, curl, etc.
What is the best way to deploy LAMP?
On a Linux virtual machine. There is no need to litter OSX, especially since several versions of the server software configuration may be required.

Zhbert, 2012-04-15

Well, I just could not resist - here he is, a classic poppy user. I bought an expensive crap, which, apparently, didn’t bother him at all, but “poppy”.

Gosha Arinich, 2012-04-14

Antivirus is not needed.
Useful Applications:

  • MacVim/TextMate/Chocolat/Sublime Text 2 - text editor
  • Sparrow - email client
  • Cloud - simple file sharing (mainly screenshots, Cmd + Shift + 4, we take a screenshot and the link is copied to the clipboard. By the way, to take a screenshot of the window, you can press the spacebar after Cmd + Shift + 4 and select the window)
  • Flint - Campfire client
  • 1Password - password manager
  • Divvy - window manager
  • Osfoora - twitter client
  • Reeder - newsreader
  • Linkinus-IRC
  • Pixelmator - simple graphics editor
  • Transmission - torrent client
  • Growl - Notifications
  • Parallels Desktop - virtual machines.

To deploy LAMP, and indeed to install all sorts of Unix utilities, it is recommended to use package managers. The most convenient IMO is Homebrew . It's better to install Xcode or GCC Installer first . To install Homebrew itself - . /usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL raw.github.com/gist/323731)”

kuzemchik, 2012-04-14

Navicat Premium Essentials - for working with
GitX database - for working with git
Adium - ICQ/jabber/everything else
ImageOptim - RamDrive image
optimization - dragging ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari/,~/Library/Caches/com. google.Chrome/ to ramdisk
Palua - function key switcher (many IDEs use them)
KeyCue - Displays a list of available key combinations Screenium
- screencast recorder
iFreeMem - cleans up memory occupied by applications, cleans more effectively purge from Developer
Reggy - Perian regex tester
- kLite codec pack for mac
Flip4mac - wmv viewer
VLC - no comment
XLD - music converter
The Unarchiver - unarchiving rar and other things, in addition, understands the Windows encoding.
In addition to TextMate, I use:
Espresso -
PhpStrom layout - php

alex32, 2012-04-14

Mac of a famous Apple fan (Wylsacom)

Vitaliy Petrychuk, 2012-04-14

For poppy - MAMP :)
I advise www.mamp.info/en/mamp-pro/index.html

kuzemchik, 2012-04-14

Instead of Divvy, I use Cinch, which I got in one of the bundles, but I think I will buy Divvy someday

betrachtung, 2012-04-14

Instead of (or along with) Divvy, you can use BetterTouch, it has a built-in window snapping function - extremely convenient. In general, the program is useful, you can create your own gestures and hang anything on them.
Another must-have is TotalFinder, which brings Finder to at least some usable state.

phasma, 2012-04-14

> Do I need to install an antivirus, and if so, what kind?
update java and disable automatic opening of dmg in safari etc.
> What useful programs should be installed?
Quicksilver for hotkeys. You can hang the CMD + Shift + Enter console, CTRL + CMD + Z maximize windows :)

mitrych, 2012-04-16

As a replacement for Cmd-shift-4, I recommend skitch.com/ - a free utility for creating screenshots with convenient explanations - arrows, texts, pen. Upload to your server in one click.

1eon, 2012-09-03

about the virtual machine, I advise virtualbox + vagrant, more details on vagrantup.com

webspilka, 2013-10-02

apache and php are already there, you just need to fix
the config, everything else is easy to install via homebrew

sovio, 2015-01-22

Do I need to install an antivirus, and if so, which one?

You don’t need to set anything, but it’s still worth thinking about security. At least enable the standard Firewall .
Here is my selection of software for Mac . In the same place references to alternative selections of readers.

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