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Yarosh841, 2016-03-31 17:39:40

APC smart-ups won't turn on?

APC smart-ups 2200 does not turn on, when you press the button it emits a weak peak and that's it. The indicators are off. I don't know what happened to him and how he was exploited. He stood idle, as I understand it, or broke down and was turned off.
Has opened to look 34887c67e3164a30a0ff020d87a1e798.jpg0187c0843c454cf28aa1e8a488ec4b64.jpgef0c76bafc104d1d9965deb585036408.jpg
Izza what they are so oxidized contacts? one battery was a little swollen, a little completely. On the second there is a small tubercle in half a centimeter.
If you clean and charge will they work or will you definitely take new ones?
Will the UPS work without batteries?

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rechmp, 2016-04-01

It can also work without batteries - it depends on the model, but there is no sense in it.
Take new batteries - these, judging by the timing, have already been sulfated.
Oxidized due to the current on the contacts, obviously :) Galvanic couple + time + acidic environment, if depressurized.

henrick, 2016-04-01

The batteries are dead - therefore, some uninterruptible power supplies (and especially APCs) may not turn on
Eaton will turn on in such a situation, but most likely will not switch to operating mode, but at least it will signal what kind of error is preventing it

Sergey Leshchev, 2016-12-16

If the UPS is turned off from the network and the batteries are not disconnected at the same time, they are discharged with a small current through the UPS electronic circuit, go into a deep discharge and inevitably sulfate - i.e. guaranteed to die. On rack UPSs, to prevent deep discharge of batteries, it is necessary to disconnect the battery packs by pulling them 2-3 cm out of the cell, on rack UPSs, as a rule, there is a special connector at the back for this - pull it out and put the UPS away for storage, the batteries will be alive. On small office uninterruptible power supplies, they don’t care so much about saving batteries, and the battery can only be turned off by removing and dropping the wires from it.
The described signs of deformation of the batteries clearly indicate that they are dead and need to be changed. A small life hack - it is not necessary to install branded batteries, BB and Delta make good batteries.
Smart-UPS with a probability of 80% percent (IMHO essno) does not start precisely because of non-live batteries, after replacing them with working ones, it should turn on.

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