Ivan2017-01-21 18:12:21
Computer networks
Ivan, 2017-01-21 18:12:21

Antenna for adsl splitter?

The school has wired internet, there is an adsl splitter on the walls Is
there an antenna that can be plugged into the connector for the internet cable and then a cable into it8bbddca0f997418584cec70e375a1722.jpg

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Alexander, 2017-01-21

There are no such antennas.
Perhaps he meant an ADSL modem with wi-fi.

TyzhSysAdmin, 2017-01-21

Take a phone wire from any phone with the right connectors, just cut it in half.
You stick one part into the splitter and the other into the ADSL modem. The range is no more than 10-15 meters.

Leonid, 2017-01-21

there is an adsl splinter on the walls

Do I have one on Splinter on the wall?

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