Krestot2016-10-27 02:09:24
Krestot, 2016-10-27 02:09:24

Ansi colors are not displayed in the console, what should I do?

Recently, for completely incomprehensible reasons, instead of a beautifully colored output to the information console, I began to see the following: 6531106d7e7f4e1ea8f4b3fbc494c8c4.jpg
After a little thought, I installed another terminal in the face of Cmder and everything seemed to be fine again: bcac56cbc973415fbe3f91576a88508b.jpg
But then I pushed Cmder into PhpStorm as the default terminal and my troubles again returned: 25322010d6234556a1c9b328a4565e36.jpg
As a result, I am in complete despair and do not know what to do. How can I make everything good again? Please help kind people.

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Grigory S., 2016-10-27

Try in My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables add the FORCE_COLOR variable with TRUE value

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