Sergey Livitin2016-04-25 11:01:50
Sergey Livitin, 2016-04-25 11:01:50

"Another" idea to create a service. Where to begin?

There is an idea to create a service "for all system administrators of the world" according to the description of their own IT infrastructure. Implement all this on a web-oracle/postgres bundle with mobile access. Attach to this service the ability to use help-desk systems (like Jira) and monitoring (like nagios) to achieve universal satisfaction. I myself have been in IT since 1997 and I understand a lot, but here's the bad luck - programming never took off. I would have written everything myself. Tell me how to start building a service? I am preparing technical specifications, however, to create, you need a team of creators, but here with money - not very much. :( Does it make sense to look for sponsors? And how do the pros act in this case?

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Boris Yakushev, 2016-04-25

An idea without implementation costs exactly a ruble.
What is your profit?
Developers are busy developing, investors are investing / receiving funds.

IceJOKER, 2016-04-25

Need a team of creators
- Who said? hire one developer, create a prototype, something that you can show people, and then ...
with money, not so much.
Does it make sense to look for sponsors?
- I think you answered the question yourself, present your project, attract investors, etc.

Alexey Sergeev, 2016-04-25

If a system administrator uploads a description of the entire (or even part) of the enterprise's IT infrastructure to a third-party web service, then he should be fired for incompetence.

Sergey Livitin, 2016-04-25

From all of the above, it follows:
1. Work out in detail the terms of reference with visual forms
2. Evaluate the initial version and try to find money for an excellent programmer at your own peril and risk. But get a working prototype.
3. Sell a prototype with support to several offices to receive streaming funding. And on this basis to develop the project further ... I
went to dig. :(

Konstantin Nagibovich, 2016-04-25

There is an idea to create a service "for all system administrators of the world"

Have you decided that such a service is needed, or are other system administrators sleeping and seeing when this service appears?

xmoonlight, 2016-04-25

To begin with, evaluate the audience's demand for such a service through the landing page, and after that - already look. If there are many people interested, you can open the project on kickstarter.com

Alexey Bulba, 2016-04-25

What is unique about your "service"?
1. Show your infrastructure, most people have a great and terrible NDA.
2. Find advice or help? The network is full of chat rooms or forums.
3. Problem that can't be dealt with? Google to the rescue or RTFM.
PS Sys.admin nix* for more than 3 years and as a fellow soldier in the IT shop, explain why I need a "service"?

Sanes, 2016-04-25

Start doing something. I'm in the same position myself. Let this be bullshit, but it should work. Then rewrite when an accomplice is found.

Maxim, 2016-04-26

Dear questioner. Are you aware of the difference between an idea and a goal ?
An idea will never work without a Goal . Your goal":

to achieve universal satisfaction
does not pull even 20 kopecks, as system administrators are satisfied with their decisions.
In essence, you want to oblige the "collective" (which, in your understanding, should take place) to become your slaves with no visible prospects in the future.
In order to ignite others, one must define the exact end goal of the project, without any water like
according to the description of your own IT infrastructure
, since no one knows your infrastructure.
Secondly, in order to achieve the goal, highlight the key stages, which will be the penultimate stage, then up to the penultimate one, and so on. those. from the "tail of the train", while noting the technical staff in the notebook. which you need.
Then, when the stages and "hats" (staff responsibilities) are defined, you need to find "parallel" end products for each stage, i.e. "pleasant bonuses". It is possible that bonuses will bring the lion's share of the profit, unlike the main project.
Sit down and write a business plan. Not a single investor needs this, first of all, you personally need it, so that your brain can digest and understand your mess.
Then open a forum in some areas of your goal and then you will find both the team and the first allies,
Good luck!

dom1n1k, 2016-08-28

The idea of ​​the service looks rather dubious, to be honest.

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