Anton2021-03-27 12:39:53
Anton, 2021-03-27 12:39:53

Getting the selected radio item and passing it to the email body, how to display the selected item?

I made a form, from the form I pass through the action to the php handler to send a letter to the mail.
Normal fields without problems I can give.

There are items that you need to select by marking, and this is radio.
How do I pass the selected item in the message of the letter.

There are 3 possible options.

<input type="radio" name="radio" id="radio1" value="Deck Officer" checked="checked">
<label for="radio1">Deck Officer</label>

<input type="radio" name="radio" id="radio2" value="Engine Officer">
<label for="radio2">Engine Officer</label>

<input type="radio" name="radio" id="radio3" value="Rating">
<label for="radio3">Rating</label>

So I send to php, or rather I receive there
$radio1 = Arr::get($_POST, 'radio1');
      $radio2 = Arr::get($_POST, 'radio2');
      $radio3 = Arr::get($_POST, 'radio3');

I pass to php all the id that I write in the message (but in this way all the options will be visible in the letter, or rather the headers, as I understand it, and only the one that was chosen, but how to display only the one that was chosen), and hide the rest.
$message = '<h2>Анкета с сайта</h2>'. '<br/><br/>'
. ' <b>Main info</b><br/>'
. ' <b>Deck Officer</b>: ' . htmlspecialchars($radio1). '<br/>'
. ' <b>Engine Officer</b>: ' . htmlspecialchars($radio2). '<br/>'
. ' <b>Rating</b>: ' . htmlspecialchars($radio3). '<br/>'

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tester_toster, 2018-03-27

"SELECT COUNT(id) as count FROM users WHERE email = ? LIMIT 0,1"

Get a string, use fetch to see the value of count

coderisimo, 2018-03-27

$mysqli = new mysqli(SERVER, DBUSER, DBPASS, DATABASE);
$result = $mysqli->query("SELECT `id` FROM `users` WHERE `email` = '$email' ");
if($result->num_rows == 0) {
     // НЕТУ.
} else {
    // ЕСТЬ.

add your email directly to the request. maybe the data just doesn't get there. In one place you have $email , in another $email_1. What is the exact name of the variable? In general, write directly in the script. if everything works, then it's clear where the error is)))
good luck

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