Sergey Kulandin2015-04-20 12:45:33
Sergey Kulandin, 2015-04-20 12:45:33

Is crossfire radeon 7850+7870 stable?

Motherboard asus M5A97 R2.0 + CPU AMD FX-8350+Radeon hd 7850, I thought about buying hd7870, How will they work together?

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Dmitry Dart, 2018-04-11

So? https://regex101.com/r/EXCqDo/1

Melkij, 2015-04-20

As far as I know, they will start, but they will work at the level of a pair of 7850. 7870 will be idle part of the time.
Theoretically, it will work less stable than a pair of cards of the same name - heterogeneous bundles are rarely used and, therefore, less tested.

Pingwin West, 2015-07-13
@Pingwin West

I have exactly the same config as yours, only it costs R9 280x, so I want to pair it with 7850

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