marshmellow2020-02-20 21:49:47
marshmellow, 2020-02-20 21:49:47

Anonymous way to call mobiles with or without number spoofing?

Good evening!
Please tell me a convenient way to call mobile phones in the Russian Federation, ideally with a number change, but you can do it without, from a computer, for a fee.
Are Skype calls secure in terms of anonymity?
A good VPN is being used.

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Markus Saar, 2020-02-21

Indeed, the simplest solution is calling via Skype.
And Skype can be anonymous if you:

  • registered it immediately with VPN;
  • always log into this account only with a VPN;
  • did not log in from this computer to another, non-anonymous Skype account;
  • replenished the account from an anonymous wallet, which is registered in a similar way;
  • replenished the account of this anonymous wallet with cryptocurrency;

Choose the degree of anonymity yourself. If you specify the task, I will be able to suggest which of these points are important to you, and which can be neglected.

Elena Safronova, 2020-02-21

skype, blacksip

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