Evgeny2016-04-08 13:54:32
Project management
Evgeny, 2016-04-08 13:54:32

Anonymous job search What platforms do you use?

I'm looking for projects for anonymous job search, I found one with a cool automatic dispute arbitration system and asynchronous data encryption
Who else knows similar projects or how to search for a job without problems at the current place of work?

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TriKrista, 2016-04-08


alk, 2016-04-08

Anonymous search sucks! Serious companies will not even consider an anonymous candidate

Andrey Pletenev, 2016-04-16

Are there freelance services that check whether the real name under which you registered is real?
Just keep in mind that your name is your personal brand. If you freelance under an assumed name, your real name will not earn any reputation.

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