Sergey Semin2017-04-12 11:15:58
Sergey Semin, 2017-04-12 11:15:58

Animation of linearLayout, why are elements positioned at their previous positions?

Good afternoon ! I made an animation with linearLayout scrolling along Y, visually the elements scroll as they should, but programmatically the elements are coordinated at the old positions. The work is done in a fragment.
For example:
There is a LinearLayout > editText.
LinearLayout is at position y = 0 animation translated LinearLayout together with its children (editText) y = -150, visually everything worked.
But in order to catch the focus on editText, you need to click on the screen area where it was with LinearLayout y=0
Obviously, the whole problem is my lack of knowledge :)
Therefore, please tell me or tell me where you can see the solution to this problem :)

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one pavel, 2017-04-15

possibly setFillAfter

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