Ivan Antonov2015-03-26 17:44:15
Ivan Antonov, 2015-03-26 17:44:15

Animating SVG with JavaScript?

Does anyone have a JavaScript animation library for SVG?
Needed to make life easier for illustrators using Adobe Illustrator CC
who only draw SVG but don't have much understanding of the structure of an SVG document.
mainly interested in effects: slide, fade.

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Konstantin Kitmanov, 2015-03-26

Theoretically, you can work with SVG like you would with regular DOM, just like you can animate element properties using jQuery or CSS animations.
But there is little pleasure in understanding SVG generated from AI.
stackoverflow.com/questions/6793312/how-to-use-jqu... They write that the new jQuery really does not work in SVG, but the old versions should. Well, they recommend keith-wood.name/svg.html.

GoodBoy123, 2015-03-27

So you need to animate the SVG without embedding it in the HTML?

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