Lora_GT2012-12-12 05:40:21
Lora_GT, 2012-12-12 05:40:21

Airport Extreme + usb hdd - low speed

HDD 3.0 is connected to Airport Extreme via usb. Everything connects and works as it should, one problem is the low speed (13 mb / s) and because of this, watching movies in good quality over wifi is simply impossible. It is not clear why such a low speed and how to dodge now to make the external hdd usb 3.0 work at full speed.

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Zoom_spb, 2012-12-12

And in the device itself, usb 2.0? So you won’t get the maximum speed of 3.0, try some kind of flash drive - what speed does it give out?

lasc, 2012-12-12

More than 20MB / s could not be squeezed out. Hold down the option button on the wifi icon and look at what speed you are connected to the point.

iStyx, 2012-12-12

What file on the partition from which you are trying to watch a movie?

pletinsky, 2012-12-12

13 megabytes per second is a very good speed for a usb-attached drive - maybe even the bottleneck is wifi, not usb. This is close to the N limit of the WiFi protocol.
That is, even if you make usb work faster (using usb 3.0 for example), which you most likely will not be able to do, even in this case the speed will increase slightly.
Try connecting your Airport Extreme not via wifi, but via a network cable. If the speed improves and satisfies you - then the problem is wifi - continue to use the cable. If there are no changes, then the problem is in usb and all that remains is to buy a NAS for a couple of thousand rubles and insert your disk there.
Again, at the same time, the speed of wifi after that may also not be enough.
In general, watching movies over a wireless network is still a problem for many.

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