xSkyFoXx2012-01-12 11:32:11
xSkyFoXx, 2012-01-12 11:32:11

Air 13" or pro 15"?

I can't decide whether to buy air 13" late or pro 15" late. The matrices are physically identical.
I write a lot of code (the main job), so somehow I don’t chase video processing performance. Can someone share their experience of using it. Is air suitable as the main working machine or will the screen be small?

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sadyjka, 2012-01-12

As for me, the screen at 13' is not small and almost does not glare, but at 15' it is too glare, like a mirror.

xSkyFoXx, 2012-01-12

Thank you all for your help. I took air 13".

Gregory, 2012-01-12

I fully support sadyjka about the lack of glare at 13".
I will say this. If the matrices are the same, then only the sharpness of your vision will affect the convenience of programming, because the same number of elements will fit, all other things being equal. You either peer into the small print, or strain your eyes to filter out glare and reflections.
With my vision of 1 in both eyes, 13" is quite normal. I write code on it for 3 hours a day (the rest of the time I have a bigger monitor). without changing the font size. For six months, vision has not fallen.

homm, 2012-01-12

Suitable if vision allows.

Steep, 2012-01-12

Changed my firmware 15 (2009) to MBA 13 (4 gb) a few months ago. I use it for 8 hours at work + at home.
PHPStorm is constantly running (nginx, mysql, postgresql, php-fpm), chrome with a bunch of tabs, etc. Sometimes I run PyCharm. It works subjectively faster than the firmware on these tasks.
I have never regretted the change, the screen really glares less and my eyes do not get tired so much (I also sit next to the window - the difference is huge). There is a large monitor nearby, but I haven’t connected it lately - 13 inches in full screen mode is enough for everything.

Gmaster, 2012-01-12

Switched from Macbook Pro 15 "2008 to Macbook Air 13" 2011.
Just heaven and earth) AIR flies, and the screen resolution is the same as on Proshka.
Easy to carry, small and very light. Battery 5-6 hours - just fine.
I think maybe in the future I will buy an Apple Thunderbolt Display
But if you want to take a flasher, be sure to put an SSD drive there, the speed increase is just huge

Fedor Indutny, 2012-01-12

If you are doing builds of C++ projects, then MBP 15'' is better. I've been using it for six months now, no complaints.

Georgy Mogelashvili, 2012-01-12

My opinion is better than MBP 13. For the simple reason that mbp can be customized. For example, I was faced with the fact that I began to miss the RAM (4Gb). I often have a virtual machine running with Windows and I couldn’t work comfortably. I bought additional memory for 8Gb (gave about 5 tr) and I don’t know the troubles.
Plus, I bought an SSD with a second hard drive (instead of DVD, as it is - a bunch of manuals, including on Habré) and I also don’t suffer in terms of performance.
On Air you will be forced to huddle on a 128 Gb hard drive (you can no longer store HD movies) and 4Gb of RAM (at best), since all these things are not replaceable in air.
15" is not worth taking at all, 13" is enough for the eyes

Evgeny Elizarov, 2012-01-12

I don’t know, I’m sitting on my MBP 13 "now ... the screen is too small for me, before that there were still old mbp 15 and 17 - it was more convenient, so I want 15 again."

phasma, 2012-01-12

MBP 13" is not much heavier than Air. But if something happens, the firmware repair will be cheaper, plus you can replace the DVD drive with an Optibeev adapter from the HDD, and the memory.

kmike, 2012-01-12

Air + a good external monitor will cost about the same as MBP 13 + ssd (because without ssd MBP will be much slower than air), but without an external monitor. This is despite the fact that the MPB case will remain the MBP case, and the screen of the air is better (imho much better than that of the plugs - on the plugs you can use the screen turned off as a mirror, not on the airs).
It makes sense to take MBP only if you definitely need 8GB of memory right now, or you definitely need 4 cores right now (this is if 15), or you want to store movies on hard.
4 gigs is enough for me to develop (Pycharm) now (500 meters are usually free, and in extreme cases, when something gets into the swap, it doesn’t feel that way, because SSD). 4 cores would not hurt, but I don’t want to overpay for it 2 times and lose mobility. It will cease to be enough - it is not a problem to sell air, but you look there and something new will come out.

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