emissarman2013-12-03 22:52:00
emissarman, 2013-12-03 22:52:00

Air 13 or pro 13 retina? 2013?

Good day.
Help me decide.
... Their price is almost the same.
There are several questions about the devices, the links to which are above.. How about the heating of the air with the i7 processor? Do I need a 13-inch retina (the laptop will be used for web development), despite the fact that the current laptop I have is 14 "1366x768, or will the air with its resolution be enough for me? How is the performance of the pro with the i5?
In general, I see a plus in the pro ( dubious, but they praised me) - retina, and it sympathizes with air more, but it is not known how hot it will be with the current process, and there is no model with i5 + 8Gb in a suitable store.
You need a laptop of these two, which will not blunt and slow down, both visually and in general, when a set of applications is running: several browsers (more often - one), a development environment, an FTP client, a couple of terminals, all sorts of instant messengers, a mailer, sometimes a reader doc, player plus anything else.
I would be grateful for any replies..

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Denis Ineshin, 2013-12-04

No matter how good Air is, its screen is so-so (TN), but the firmware with similar characteristics has an excellent screen (IPS, even if you don’t think about retina) and will give excellent viewing angles.
For programming, this is of course not so important, but it still adds a lot of comfort to work.
It makes no sense to compare characteristics. i7 + 8GB RAM + ssd on both models will give you the same high speed.

Lici, 2014-05-27

In the end, I chose Pro because I could not come to terms with the TN screen.

Sergey, 2013-12-04

This is a very difficult question, I saw posts 13 air vs 13 pro, in which a thousand comments were typed and there was no consensus in the end.
Therefore, it is better to make an independent choice, because. the opinion of individuals will not give anything in this case. In the end, I chose the 13 retina firmware, because at that time, with the same characteristics (memory and ssd volume), air was simply more expensive in Moscow stores. Well, the screen, of course, pulled strongly in its direction.

Oleg Ko, 2013-12-03

Orman Clark (Wordpress developer)
Works on a 13" Airbook and it's fine )))
I once faced the same dilemma, only I don't have a retina 13 macbook pro Outweighed the desire to make an upgrade later - I caught up with the RAM to 8GB and now I want to put the ssd disk first, the system one

mcleod095, 2013-12-03

, there is such a spread here
. I myself have about 512 gig, for the price you indicated, look for more on the Internet, there are better offers (as far as I understood from the site, they don’t have the PCT there).
I like it, I did not compare it with air. But now I honestly spit on monitors with a resolution of 1920x1080.
And so probably the air will run on battery even longer, although my pro works for about 8-9 hours, which is really cool.

mcleod095, 2013-12-03

By the way, yes. You can’t deliver memory to new orgyzks, it is soldered on the board.

evnuh, 2013-12-04

Similar questions (such a column on the right, take a look there):
Should I choose for development: MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina?
Air 13" or pro 15"?

inetadm, 2013-12-24

At first I was also surprised how it is possible to add memory to the new air and pro, only soldering, and this is far from being possible for everyone, it’s easier to immediately order with the right amount. And on the topic, the new proshka is certainly much more interesting. I worked for one and the other, so I can compare, buying air over time you will regret the screen of the firmware.

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