bag052018-03-23 10:41:01
bag05, 2018-03-23 10:41:01

AHCI mode in Notebook HP PAVILION dv6-3110er how to enable?

Laptop HP PAVILION dv6-3110er Phenom II N830 2100 Mhz I want to install an SSD and roll Windows 10 on top. The BIOS in the laptop is cropped, there is no mode control. How to enable or run this mode on this laptop?

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Artem @Jump, 2018-03-23

Look in the BIOS, if it's not there, then nothing.
As far as I have come across in laptops, as a rule, this is not in the BIOS. In theory, AHCI is already initially there, although if the laptop is old, it can also be IDE.
Put the system and see which controller.
Well, if there is no AHCI, this is of course sad, but you can work, TRIM simply will not work, and you will have to prepare the SSD for work without it.

Falseclock, 2018-03-23

Artem is wrong. You have a bios from Insyde and it is easy to open. Yes, you don’t even need to open it ... In all of their BIOSes, the disk mode is in varstore 0x39. Change to one and we will be happy.

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