Ivo Dimitrov2012-03-15 07:14:36
Ivo Dimitrov, 2012-03-15 07:14:36

Agreement and documents for the development of a project according to the SCRUM methodology?

The following question arose: What should be the contract for the development of the project (or rather for design, engineering and development), if we decide to use Scrum in custom development?
We roughly decided on the cost of one iteration (the labor costs of employees (team) multiplied by the rate), on how it is better to draw up a contract in order to avoid conflicts later, there is no understanding.
I tried to find it on the Internet - so far nothing has come of it.
Thanks in advance.

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creadone, 2012-03-15

By and large, it doesn't matter what methodology you use. The contract must specify: the subject of development, stages, terms, cost of development, rights ... Everything else is not related to the contract. That is, any contract for software development will suit you.
Of course, no one forbids you to indicate something along the lines of “while working on your project, we are committed to drinking Arabica coffee and wearing green slippers,” but why?
Look at the Lebedev Studio contract, for example - www.tema.ru/jj/RIBBA-sait-2009.doc
Well, in general, my personal opinion (not necessarily true) is that in custom development, use the so-called. flexible methodologies are not worth it - the customer will fly into the money and jump off in the middle of the project, because such techniques do not allow you to calculate the entire project (who knows what will happen in the next iteration: news feed or integration with glanders?). I would advise in your case to make iterations (design, design, development, testing) - separate projects (or stages with annexes to the framework agreement), so that in the event of a break in relations, no one will be hurt.

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