Vladimir2015-08-12 01:30:44
Vladimir, 2015-08-12 01:30:44

After updating to windows 10, it does not load, black screen with mouse cursor, what's the problem?

After updating to windows 10, it does not load, black screen with mouse cursor, what's the problem?

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Mancunian, 2015-08-21

Might be stupid advice, but still. There was a similar problem. I forgot that the TV is also connected to the computer, as it turned out, the signal from the video card went to the switched off TV, and the monitor was just black. I turned on the TV and changed the settings, there were no further problems

selavi, 2015-10-24

I have windows 10 on my ASUS laptop. After the last update, there was a black screen when loading. Only the mouse was visible. I solved this problem in the following way:
1. loaded the computer in safe mode (safe mode). Scientifically, I couldn’t load win 10 in safe mode, but if I take the battery out of the computer during boot, then after 3-4 times it will load a window where there will be a lot of options, but we find safe mode there and load Windows.
2. press win+x. And select the topmost option, Programs and Features.
3. In the window, at the top, click on "Installed on". And we find the program that was installed last, before the computer was covered. For me it was "Intel Graphics driver". Whereas, I have nvidia built in, which resulted in a conflict.
Delete, reboot
I hope this helped someone :)

Pavel K, 2015-08-12

in download, I guess.
press win + r enter explorer.exe
then turn on the download logs and see what's wrong.

oni__ino, 2015-08-12

Try to boot into safe mode and remove the drivers for the video card, I had such a problem on the Technical Preview when I installed firewood from the Nvidia website, but in future builds with Win10 updates it pulled them along with other updates, the problem disappeared.

Sergey Kovalev, 2015-08-12

Disconnect the network cable after the first reboot after the update. %)

Vladimir, 2015-08-13

nothing helps at all

Mikerwin, 2015-10-14

I just solved the problem like this: on another computer, I created a bootable flash drive with windows 10 .
I booted the "patient" from it and started the system restore. True, before each system event (installing an application, updating a driver, etc.), I make sure to create a restore point.

9POIII, 2015-10-28

I also had a black screen. And the manager could not be opened, just try disconnecting the wi-fi or cable. Helped me.

Dimmel, 2015-11-18

The usual reset helped me. Well, more precisely, it was on the laptop, and it had hibernation enabled when the power button was pressed, so it supported the power button for 3 seconds to force it to turn off and turn it on again. Everything worked.
Before the glitch itself, Windows requested an update to the Intel vidyuhi driver, i.e. built into the iCore processor.

nikrogov, 2016-01-28

go into safe mode and reinstall the video driver!

VladKK, 2016-02-09

Basically, there are a couple of main reasons. 1 - the OS with which you updated has crashed, 2 - the drivers have crashed during the update, it's better to go here , a good guide, it helped me.

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