IldarGilyazev2018-01-25 11:03:54
IldarGilyazev, 2018-01-25 11:03:54

After updating 1s, the cash desk stopped working?

Good day, after updating 1s, the cash desk stopped working. I called the company that serves our cash desk, they checked it works, the driver is connected. As they said, the matter is in some libraries 1s.
If you click to install the driver, it says the driver is installed, I close nothing changes, the same error that the driver is not installed.

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benzol, 2018-01-25

I observed a similar problem literally a month ago in 1C Retail of the latest version, in which apparently the same Library of connected equipment is used. In the list of hardware drivers, there is a Shtrikh-M scale, but the driver is not installed. Look in the configurator General - General layouts - DriverShtrihMKKT54FZ - unload to file. It is likely that you have the same problem - in fact there is no driver in the configuration - then you will get a file of zero size. The solution I know is to update further, everything was fixed at Retail with the next release.

Anton Ulanov, 2018-01-25

try uninstalling the driver and installing it

IldarGilyazev, 2018-01-25

what driver, on bar-m? DrvFR_413_562.
As I understand it, this driver is installed from the exe file, and the driver control panel appears. 5a699102c4a90563990820.png
If I remove the driver, then I can’t set the settings. The cash register was installed by people from the company that deals with this.

InoMono, 2018-01-25

If you installed, without hesitation, the 64-bit version of 1C - there are no drivers for it.
You need 32-bit, only it will work with hardware drivers.

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