Sekira2013-06-23 21:48:05
Hard disks
Sekira, 2013-06-23 21:48:05

After the KillDisk program, the hard drive is no longer detected

To delete data from the hard drive (Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3500630AS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB) before transferring it to a friend, I decided to use the KillDisk program, in the free version it fills all the contents of the HDD with zeros.

I launched the DOS version, the disk was recognized, but the cleaning itself did not start, then in the BIOS I changed the setting from SATA as IDE to SATA as Storage and tried again, this time the filling started, but for some reason it stopped at 37%, and the program did not react, even though the HDD light was on (I waited a few hours but nothing changed). I rebooted the computer with the Ctrl + Alt + Del combination and started it again, this time the check reached the end of 100% and gave a window about the successful completion.

I turned off the computer and after a few hours I decided to try to restore something from it, but what was my surprise that the hard drive was not recognized, not only in the OS, but even in the BIOS it was not detected.

I also tried on another computer and with a different cable, the same thing. I read the forums, they write about the “CC fly”, but, as they say, this cannot be on this hard drive, so I don’t know what to sin on, the hard drive worked fine before, and now it spins without grinding, etc., just not defined...

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Nikolai Turnaviotov, 2013-06-23

you can try low-level formatting and utilities like "Victoria"

Mario_Z, 2013-06-24

You probably lost some service data. Modern hard drives are very bad friends with low-level formatting. Try searching the Seagate website for recovery and formatting utilities.
For the future, it’s better to just apply normal formatting and fill the disk to capacity with copies of large files: movies, TV series, memory dumps, etc. After this, the probability of restoring old information by the new owner tends to zero.

Mario_Z, 2013-06-24

Another option is to try Victoria
They even have a feature article on the Seagate Barracuda.

joneleth, 2013-06-23

Are there any "freezes" during POST?

VBKesha, 2013-06-25

Unscrew the controller from the disk, and look at the place where the controller contacts the HDA to see if the contacts are dirty. And that can be a funny coincidence, If everything is OK, collect it back, if there are all contacts in oxides, clean and check. Also put the screw to your ear, and listen to what happens at the moment of launch, whether the
PS pancakes unwind. I hope to use another loop already tried?

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