GinAndTonik2015-11-07 17:38:15
GinAndTonik, 2015-11-07 17:38:15

After replacing the processor in a service center, performance dropped sharply, what could be the problem?

There is a car: 1b57239f23f64e458edf370b769d379a.PNG
Purchased recently. Immediately after the purchase, problems began in the form of reboots under load. After 3 trips to the service center, the processor was replaced under warranty (same brand and model). There were no reboots, but...
We have a sharp drop in performance in games in which everything used to be fine at high settings (World of warships, Witcher 3, even Dota2 and that started to slow down, although before the replacement it was 140-150 fps).
I sinned on cooling, I changed the cooler to a process from Zalman cnps10x optima to Tt frio extreme. During tests, it heats up to 61 degrees maximum.
My friends are asking for help and advice. Knowledge in the IT industry is very mediocre, so I apologize in advance for possible stupidities on my part. If you need screenshots of any tests, just tell me, it will be done.
Screenshot from CPU-Z:b664766fdacc4dd0a52bfe1cef038bd9.PNG0ddbc67ab01b456faa73a844acd6e954.PNG

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Corto, 2015-11-07

did the SC address this issue?

LESHIY_ODESSA, 2015-11-07

Most likely messed up with the BIOS settings - CPU BUS / PEG Frequency, PCIE Frequency, and so on. If you do not understand this, then you can reset the BIOS to factory settings, which are usually the most optimal and productive.
1. Pre-save the old BIOS settings - TOOLS -\u003e ASUS OC Profile -\u003e SAVE to Profile (return Load Profile back).
2. Exit —> Load Optimized Defaults

pin3, 2016-01-21

Did you climb in the bios?
What did they do with the SC? There are such cases as the replacement of iron .. Maybe that's why.

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