Fireproof Cockroach2015-05-09 18:07:43
Fireproof Cockroach, 2015-05-09 18:07:43

After reinstalling Yosemite, the downloaded software failed. How to start?

I recently decided to get rid of the case-sensitive fs and reinstalled Yosemite. Copied DMG from a removable disk with applications. None starts up. Why is that? How to transfer the downloaded software?
I get an error:
Security settings are "from any source"
The com.apple.quarantine property has been removed.
Permissions: drwsr-sr-x
They definitely ran before reinstallation.
They were installed from the same images that were downloaded once.
Freshly downloaded from the Internet runs freely.
From zip archives from the same disk it starts.

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Sergey, 2015-05-09

Try ctrl + click on the .app file, a menu will pop up, there you will press "open".

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