Questions00012022-01-12 03:14:00
Questions0001, 2022-01-12 03:14:00

After installing some programs or games, does the laptop start to freeze, as if two or three times?

You have to restore the system to roll back the system and, accordingly, all programs and games are deleted and after that everything works as it should. Replaced HDD with SSD installed ten. Now I don't know, what's the problem? is it in an SSD? it is brand new and Samsung 500GB

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Vladimir Korotenko, 2022-01-12

The problem is twofold. Firstly, Daemon Tool, it installs its own system driver and there is an opinion that it slows down.
The second is the toys themselves. All their defenses are a hell of a hell. First brakes second glitches. It comes to the point that the officials offer to download the image without protection as a solution to the problem :)

Drno, 2022-01-12

Install NOT through DiamondTools. That's all

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